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Methods for periodic maintenance of natural gas generators

Methods for periodic maintenance of natural gas generators


In the process of using natural gas generators for power generation, we must pay attention to the maintenance of natural gas generators. The following is a detailed introduction to the regular maintenance methods of natural gas generators.

   1. Natural gas generators must comply with national quality, technical and safety regulations, and register for use, establish files, and inspect regularly before use. The accessories of the equipment must be complete, reliable, and regularly checked. Before the natural gas generator pipelines and pressure vessels are put into operation, they must be subjected to strength, air tightness tests and replacement in accordance with relevant regulations to ensure safety and no leakage.

  2. The installation and maintenance unit of natural gas generators shall not engage in the installation and maintenance business of natural gas generators after obtaining the corresponding qualification certificates in accordance with the law. The quality of installation and maintenance shall comply with the technical specifications and standards promulgated by the state.

  3. According to the regulations, a special natural gas generator maintenance team shall be equipped, with specialized technicians, protective equipment, fire fighting equipment, communication equipment, etc.

  4. Perform comprehensive inspections on natural gas generators regularly, and conduct general inspections on natural gas generator pipelines on a regular basis. Newly built pipelines must be inspected within one year, and inspections will be conducted every one to three years, depending on the safety of the pipeline. For pipeline sections that are unqualified or have hidden dangers, rectification measures such as maintenance shall be taken immediately to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

  5. In the event of major hidden dangers affecting the safe operation of natural gas generator pipelines or major accidents such as pipeline ruptures or pipe breaks, the organization shall organize forces to deal with them immediately.

  6. The maintenance department shall establish equipment maintenance files of natural gas generator pipelines and facilities, and the original data, maintenance data and analysis results shall be properly kept.

  7. The maintenance department shall regularly inspect and maintain the pipeline equipment and facilities of natural gas generators to keep them in good condition. For various explosion-proof facilities and various safety devices, regular inspections should be carried out, and sufficient spare equipment and spare parts should be equipped to ensure that they are sensitive and reliable.

   8. The technical and overhaul departments must establish and improve the overhaul, maintenance and inspection files of natural gas generators and generators, and establish equipment accounts.

  9. A hierarchical approval system should be established for hot work in the safety protection area of natural gas generators. The hot work unit fills in the hot work approval report and hot work plan, and declares to the safety management department for the hot work permit before implementation. During hot work, safety isolation and precaution measures must be taken around the work site.

   10. Where construction and maintenance are carried out near the pipelines and facilities of natural gas generators, which may affect the safe operation of pipelines and facilities, on-site monitoring should be carried out as needed during the construction process. The construction unit shall set up obvious signs on the construction site to prohibit open flames, and protect the gas pipelines and facilities on the construction site.

  11. It is forbidden to use spark-prone tools to hit the equipment and open the valve.


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