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Natural gas generator engine maintenance

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-16
Gas generator engine maintenance program: serial number and maintenance project for the 1 check for the supplied gas pressure to open the air valve, air source for check on the buffer tank pressure gauge indicates whether normal, otherwise should be adjusted to normal 2 check the oil level of oil plane should reach in the oil sump oil scale scribed line on the tag, insufficient, should be added to the specified amount 3 check leakage, Water, oil, gas) Eliminate oil, pipe joint sealing surface, such as oil leakage, leakage phenomenon; Eliminate gas pipe joint, inlet and exhaust pipe and cylinder head gasket leakage phenomenon of 4 check engine installed attachments include the attachment of soundness, ground screw connected and working machinery of sex may check whether the observed readings in the instrument is normal, otherwise shall promptly repair or replace 6 with dry cloth to wipe clean the engine and accessories appearance to the fuselage, cylinder head cover, air filter, etc on the surface of the oily be soiled, water and dust; Wipe clean or with compressed air blowing off charging generator, radiator, fan, etc on the surface of the dust
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