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Natural gas generator set air system analysis

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
The air - The gas mixing system including air and gas system. Through the air and gas system need proportion of mixture formation, into the cylinder. Air system: gas generator set similar to diesel engine air intake system, air system of pressurized air through the supercharger left, right out of the trachea, cold air intake cavity into the cold, after cooling, the cold gas cavity into the left, right, mixer, and gas mixed in proportion and then into the left and right of air inlet pipe. Air intake system is shown in figure. The booster air around is entered into the inlet air filter chamber and then into the mixer. Air system through mixer and relocated to form combustible mixture gas system. Gas generator inlet pipe by steel plate welded, have strong ability of antiknock, near the gear end is equipped with explosion door. New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , is a long-term committed to the development of new environmental protection power equipment, production, sales and after-sale into a comprehensive high-tech enterprises, the company mainly produces gas generating set, diesel engine and diesel generator set.
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