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Natural gas generator set battery maintenance methods

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-16
Battery is an important component of natural gas generator set in the condition of power, we want to start the gas generator is needed is the battery, if a critical moment for batteries, fuel gas generator is not easy to start, so we usually want to the maintenance of the battery. 1, gas generating set charge for the first time: the time & le; 4 hours. 2, gas generating set battery charge in the environment: the environment & ge; 30​℃( 86° F) , humidity> 80%, for eight hours; 3, gas generating set battery for more than a year: charging time for 12 hours; Charging should be after the completion of the electrolyte level good enough, not enough available to add, pay attention to add the don't start immediately, at least let stand 15 minutes, gas generating set batteries are very important parts, although may not use usually, but in real time, a lot of no maintenance habits of users often could not start the gas generator set, so recommend more keen on maintenance!
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