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Natural gas generator set electric starting system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
Electric starting system of natural gas generator engine, the starter motor, the charging generator, charging generator controller and battery, etc. Should pay special attention to the correct line connection in installation and component specification. Electric starting system, usually because of the loose of the wire connection or insulation damage and cause of failure. Therefore, to ensure that the joint close contact and the insulation of the conductor is the necessary condition to avoid failure. Circuit voltage of 24 v, two-wire system wiring, is negative and phase insulation. After press the start button, start the motor on the electromagnet coil, dynamic contact and electromagnetic switch, battery positive electrode through the starting of the motor stator and rotor windings, and battery cathode ( Grounding) Constitute a loop. When electromagnetic switch timeliness, starting motor gear was introduced and engine starting ring gear meshing, and the crankshaft rotates and make the engine start. After the engine starting, shall release button, circuit disconnect, starting motor gear will be automatically returned to the in situ, otherwise will make the starting motor speed and damage. After the engine starting, charging generator and generator regulator cooperate work, through the ammeter A battery charging, and the ammeter displays the size of the charging current. The size of the charging current and charging circuit connected or disconnect, by charging generator regulator automatic control. Starting motor as quadrupole four series dc motor brush short time rating, with storage battery as a power source, used for starting the engine. Starting the motor gear and the engine flywheel ring gear meshing by electromagnetic switch control of mechanical drive, electrical on-off device with a roller type. The device can prevent the engine start work after starting motor rotor with the engine main damage with the rising of dropping out. ( l) The use of natural gas generator set starting motor starter motor before use, to cope with the engine, starting system circuit and battery charging status. Under normal circumstances, the engine can start at a time, each time starting motor running time should not exceed 125. Such as can not start, need to make a second start, starting time interval should not be less than twice Zmin. Must not be allowed to have points motivation liu has not stopped spinning of the starting motor, then press the start button, otherwise will cause between gear and ring gear severe impact and damage. When after the success of the starting, shall let go of the starting button to starting gear from the meshing position back in situ and stop work: ( 2) Natural gas generator set maintenance and installation of the motor starting 1) When starting motor installation, should keep a distance of end face gear and flywheel ring gear end face of 2. 5 a 5 mm. Users generally not adjusted. If necessary, can be in the starting motor and metal gasket between the flywheel shell flange surface and adjustment, but must make the pledge that we shall start the motor shaft and the engine crankshaft and axis parallel: 2) Check the connection of the starter motor fastener whether firm, whether the wire contact closely, wire insulation is damaged.
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