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Natural gas generator set often billowing black smoke is how to return a responsibility

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
Natural gas generator set in the process of using easy to smoke, what is this failure? In recent years, as a generator unit prices have been rising, people to pay more attention to the quality of gas generator set. See natural gas generator set smoke thought is failure. If gas generator smoke tend to have the following two kinds of failure. 1, the piston ring and cylinder liner are two different gas generator set accessories, valve, piston ring and cylinder liner wear, cause lack of compression pressure and oil burning up try winter negative cylinder at the end of the compression stroke, mixture mixing proportion of normal change, make the fuel combustion under anaerobic conditions, produce carbon deposit combustion process easily, the exhaust fumes formed a large number of dark look of smoke. 2, injector work bad, diesel engine exhaust smoke close to fuel atomization quality, and in the process of diesel engine fuel injection, every time at the end of the injection velocity, injection pressure drop, the atomization quality is poor, the droplet diameter is larger than main injection stage of the oil droplets 4 & ndash; Five times, these droplets evaporation and combustion time is short, around the oxygen concentration is low, easy generation carbon smoke. Don't spray injector, atomization bad or drip, which fuel cannot be fully mixed with the air in the cylinder, also cannot complete combustion. Caused by the fuel injector work bad exhaust black smoke phenomena in the natural gas generator set more during low speed running, because of the low speed when the intake vortex is weak in the cylinder, oil or oil beam are scattered to reduce the possibility of airflow and stay a longer time, more easily to form carbon black. For gas generators, gas generators, gas generator, biogas generator set, gas generator set, biomass power generation units and accessories, please contact us. Manufacturer: gas generator new shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. Contact tel: 0531 - 62337587/400 - 6988 - 190.
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