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Natural gas generator set oil sump oil higher plane what reason be

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
Natural gas generator set oil sump oil higher plane what reason be? This is because the natural gas generator cooling water into the oil, the oil float yellow bubble, vent filter surface is water vapor condensation. Serial number failure characteristics and the reasons causing elimination method 1 hydrosphere sealing damaged and leaking cylinder to replace natural gas generator set sealing hydrosphere 2 cylinder liner and gas generator sets the faying surface leakage check cylinder jacket shoulder joint between the body and face whether level off 3 cylinder liner leakage due to cavitation perforation damage replace 4 cylinder cylinder head gasket leaking replacement liner 5 core damage, water cooled gas generator oil cooler cooling water and oil mixed overhaul gas generator oil cooler core or replace 6 gas generator body cavity wall cavitation and water leakage, Especially the cylinder wall by putting test) Of cavitation holes can be carefully weld repairs or tightness in mind, but can not damage the mating surface and deformation. The body such as severe corrosion should be replaced
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