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Natural gas generator set related knowledge

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Gas generating set is to adapt to the world environmental protection requirement and the new market environment and the development of new type of generator set. Natural gas generating sets are divided into two kinds, one kind is a combined cycle gas turbine, one is gas internal combustion engine. Gas turbine power is larger, mainly used in large and medium-sized power stations, gas internal combustion engine power is small, mainly used in small distributed power plants. It is a new kind of green environmental protection to replace fuel, coal-fired units. Make full use of all kinds of natural gas or harmful gas as a fuel, into, safe and convenient operation, high cost efficiency, low pollution emission, and is suitable for heat and electricity co-generation advantages, market prospect is very broad. Natural gas resources in China is very rich, relative to the our country is rich in natural gas reserves, gas proportion of primary energy consumption in our country is too small, has greatly increased the potential in the future. In our country, the influence of gas supply, natural gas is still in its initial stage. Really large natural gas power generation as distributing energy station in time. Now small gas generator is mainly in oil fields, field and airport, hotel, hospital, etc. Can be expected, as the gas supply more abundant, the expansion of the scope of supply, natural gas power generation in recent years will get a rapid development. Natural gas generating set with power output range, high start and reliable operation, good power quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance, the advantages of low frequency noise, they usually has the following three advantages: one is the power of good quality. Due to the generator set only rotation at work, electrically controlled reaction speed, working very smoothly, the generator output voltage and frequency of high precision, small ripple, when sudden empty reduced 50% and 75% load, unit every little makes a mickle camel is very stable. Electrical performance is better than that of diesel generator set. Second, the startup performance good, start-up success rate high. From after the success of the cold start to full load time only for 30 seconds, compared with the international rules after the success of the diesel generator start 3 minutes on load. Gas turbine generating set can be any sure the environment temperature and climate of success. 3 it is low noise small vibration. Because of high speed rotating gas turbine, its vibration is very small, and low frequency noise is better than that of diesel generator set.
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