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Natural gas generator set requirements for gas and oil

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22

gas generator set will be natural gas chemical energy into kinetic energy, then kinetic energy into electrical energy, in the process, gas generating set several kinds of material are: natural gas, oil, coolant, etc. , these material is there any specific requirement, the following brief introduction:

a, natural gas generator set using gas requirements

the fuel gas engine is given priority to with natural gas, also can use oil field associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane and other combustible gases. The gas should be used by drying dehydration, zero free water, crude oil and light oil, its low calorific value should not be less than 31. 4 mj/m3, the total sulfur content is not more than 480 mg/m3, h2s content is not more than 20 mg/m3. In addition to gas pressure in 0. 08-0. 30 within the scope of the map.

two oil, natural gas generator used in

gas engine oil is used for the lubrication of moving parts and the moving parts have cooling heat dissipation, take away impurities and prevent rust. The quality of its in addition to have influence on the performance and service life of gas engine, the engine oil is of certain influence to the use of the term. Therefore, we should according to the natural gas generator set using the environment temperature of the gas engine to choose the appropriate engine oil. Natural gas engines, as far as possible the use of gas engine for 15 w40cd or 15 w40cc, etc. The above is to share with you about the related content of natural gas generator set, hope that through the above content, can let everybody for gas generator product have a further knowledge and understanding.

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