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Natural gas generator set runtime without reason of output current and processing

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
Natural gas generator set runtime without reason of output current and processing method is what? Possible reasons are as follows: ( 1) Often lose remanent magnetism, after downtime is due to the exciter magnetic material used in the mild steel, remanence small, after downtime when no current in the field winding magnetic field disappeared. ( 2) Gas generator set of magnetic pole lost. ( 3) Generating set brush and slip ring contact undesirable, insufficient pressure or brush. ( 4) Excitation circuit components damaged or line open circuit, short circuit or ground. ( 5) Excitation electrical and mechanical brush and commutator poor contact or brush holder pressure is insufficient. ( 6) The generator stator winding and rotor winding circuit. ( 7) Exciting winding connection error, reverse polarity. ( 8) Generating set loose lead wire connection or switch contact undesirable. ( 9) Fuse fusing natural gas generator set treatment methods ( 1) Regular batteries, before power on the magnetization. ( 2) In the winding zhongtong into larger than the rated current of dc ( Time is very short) For the magnetization, specific current is determined by the test. ( 3) Correct wiring, press is the polarity of the magnetization. ( 4) Replacement of damaged components, repair fault line. ( 5) To get rid of the contact surface tip scale, adjust the brush pressure, tighten the brush holder. ( 6) Removal of contact surface scale, grinding brush, brush pressure adjustment, make the brush and slip ring close contact. ( 7) Check and repair outages. ( 8) Good connection joint or repair switch contact parts. ( 9) Identify the cause of fuse, concluded that natural gas generator set itself and the circuit is normal, replace the fuse.
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