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Natural gas generator set safety device profile

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22
Natural gas generator set speed, low oil pressure safety device to the device and automatic parking safety device used in the 190 series diesel engine and matching unit, its working principle basic similar, only works when cut off than oil, but natural gas source. Gas generator speed safety device with low oil pressure automatic stop device through a pressure relay is combined with natural gas solenoid valve in the line, when over 118% of the calibration speed or engine oil pressure drops to 340 kpa, can automatically cut off the power and close the solenoid valve, when malfunction or dangerous situation need emergency shutdown, can also be manually turn off the power supply, close the solenoid valve, to cut off the gas source, and then the ignition grounding switch, namely line outage, automatic stop device of the electrical circuit diagram as shown in figure: new shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , is a long-term committed to the development of new environmental protection power equipment, production, sales and after-sale into a comprehensive high-tech enterprises, the company mainly produces gas generating set, diesel engine and diesel generator set.
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