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Natural gas generator set the cause of the oil pressure is not normal

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22
Natural gas generator set the cause of the oil pressure is not normal: serial number failure characteristics and the reasons causing elimination method 1 gas generator oil pressure drop, pressure regulating valve adjustment is not normal again, at the same time the pressure gauge reading volatility: maintenance, tighten the nut ( 1) Natural gas generator set oil pipeline leak filling oil natural gas generator set to plane ( 2) Natural gas generator set oil pump into the air, oil sump oil shortage in the maintenance, wear value in excess of the prescribed scope (should be changed 3) Crankshaft thrust bearing, crankshaft, oil seal, output flanges camshaft bearings and connecting rod bearing shell drainage after serious overhaul repair or replacement ( 4) Tubing connection of the rocker arm shaft fracture, lubrication of gear nozzle packing or fall off clear in time, welding repair or change the core. Such as centrifugal oil in the fine filter it indicates that the connecting rod bearing shell of aluminum alloy layer peeling, should be timely overhaul connecting rod bearing shell, the damage should be replaced; Technical inspection and replacement of sealing gasket ( 5) Oil cooler and oil filter blocking, cooler tubing rupture, etc. ; Oil seal between the drain or blow 2 gas generating set no oil pressure, pressure gauge pointer: ( 1) The oil pressure gauge damage replacement ( 2) Oil obstruction after maintenance cleaning blowing off ( 3) Oil pump damage or improper assembly clearance adjustment after overhaul, and oil pump performance test ( 4) Gas generator oil pressure regulating valve failure, its spring damage replace spring, grinding pressure regulating valve cover
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