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Natural gas generator sets how to carry out the maintenance?

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22
We all know that when the gas generator set is out of order, fault maintenance on it, then we should pay attention to some things, avoid unnecessary influence because error on unit. 1, when the generator maintenance, for the big parts for repair, such as fuel pump, fuel tank cylinder components, and for some instrument or a washer, screw air filter, hydraulic oil filter, water thermometer, the oil temperature, oil pressure gauge, such as small do not attach importance to it, is actually a lot of failure occurred from these small above step by step become difficult to deal with failure. 2, pollution of the parts processing does not reach the designated position, lead to corrosion and early damage phenomenon, at the time of maintenance or overhaul of generator, often just repair the machine fault, but for the breakdown maintenance, will not cause a lot of pollution to the careful treatment, although say don't see what's the problem at the time, but time grows, it is easy to cause some machine parts corrosion erosion or early losses. So in our the end of the daily maintenance work, must remember, in a timely manner after the maintenance of clutter and some stains on the machines dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it will only get us after operation to add more unnecessary trouble. 3, generator maintenance taboo issue do not pay attention, which leads to the machine problem, which is mainly formed some friends to repair the habitual some knowledge of the maintenance machine error, resulting in failure of the machine.
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