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Natural gas generator sets how to remove the piston connecting rod set?

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22
Natural gas generator sets how to remove the piston connecting rod set? 1) Remove the cylinder head of natural gas generator set, scrape the ashes of clear the upper cylinder liner and oil pollution. 2) Remove the window cover plate under the body, turn the crankshaft, will remove the gas generator set on the piston to the dead point position later. 3) Remove the connecting rod bolts, pay attention to the connecting rod cover up in their hands, in order to prevent the fall in the oil pan, and prevent the bearing shell bruised. 4) From the lower connecting rod pushes the piston connecting rod upwards, the natural gas generator set a flowing out along the center line of the cylinder piston connecting rod, cylinder liner and fight connecting rod when taken out of the inner wall of the cylinder liner bruised. 5) The piston is placed within the oil heating to 100 ~ 120 & deg; C, take out the piston pin. Remove the piston, the gas generator connecting rod, connecting rod bearing cap and connecting rod screws is loaded on the corresponding connecting rod body, and cleaning and checking with the abrasion situation or replace the damaged parts.
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