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Need to consider in the model selection of the gas generator set parameters

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
In distributed energy projects, gas generating set is an important part of its matter success or failure of the entire project selection goal is to choose a gas generator match the project application, the economy of the highest in the project application equipment. So is very important to correctly understand the technical parameters of gas generator, can be divided into the following several aspects: gas generator picture 1 and the parameters of the framework: using range and way of using gas generator; Type gas generator, the output voltage, frequency, suitable gas quality, emissions targets, low temperature cooling water inlet temperature and outlet temperature of cooling water in high temperature. 2, gas consumption indicators: gas consumption or power generation efficiency and waste heat utilization efficiency for investment recovery period of the project, power generation cost has a vital role. 3, engine indicator: core is a gas generator gas engines, gas engine performance is very important. Gas engine technical parameters include producers, the number of engine cylinder, the diameter, stroke, displacement, suction method, mechanical power output, the mean effective pressure cylinder, rated speed, compression ratio, lubricating oil consumption, requirements of gas pressure and the minimum value of methane can apply fuel, startup mode and generator set size and weight. 4, heat balance index: in distributed energy projects, bootstrap is another important part of the project, gas generator heat balance index is the basis of the design project of waste heat utilization. Continuous output power, mainly include: engine lube oil cooler heat release, the body heat radiation, in the cold water loop heat release, jacket water loop heat release. : 5, into the exhaust was allowed by the gas engine intake and exhaust resistance, temperature resistance and flow is the computer room ventilation design and the important parameters in the design of exhaust system of waste heat utilization. All room ventilation design, waste heat utilization, such as must meet the requirements of generating set full load operation. In technical performance guarantee projects at the same time to ensure that economic performance of the project. 6, cooling water indicators: described the engine cooling water indicators in different cooling system cooling water capacity, flow rate, water temperature, water temperature, cooling water circuit external maximum resistance and maximum stress and minimum static pressure of the cooling water circuit. The data is the basic foundation of heat exchange system, cooling system design. 7, emissions targets: described the engine emissions targets under different power exhaust gas concentrations of harmful substances. The harmful material in the engine exhaust gas in addition to the NOx & ensp; And CO and other compounds. Emissions targets to decide whether the project is to choose one of the important indices for the engine. To be sure if the various emissions targets along with the change of power is a smooth, show that the engine emissions control system USES a more advanced closed loop control. 8, power wreck: engine power wreck a gas generator set is a very important parameter. It reflects the engines under different temperatures at different altitudes and gas engine can output real power. Any project must be selected according to the actual conditions of calculation of the real power output of the gas generator. 9, heat balance correction table: heat balance correction table is mainly considering the hot water in different temperature thermodynamic properties change, so give a correction table for designers in the design when considering environmental factors, design meet the generator field application of the heat exchange system and cooling system.
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