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New shengan gas generating set is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-09
System overview EGS + TecJet gas generator system is made up of a powerful low pressure gas SPI ( 信号点注入) System, suitable for all kinds of supercharger before the hybrid engine. Can be applied to the low concentration of methane gas gas and gas to the various qualities of the propane gas. EGS + TecJet system important features can be under the condition of without oxygen sensor, maintain the engine NOX emissions in a stable state. Even if the gas quality, the external environment change, without any adjustment, engine NOX emissions will not change. System introduced EGS Full Authority System is a set of gas engine control System, according to the engine under the condition of any load and rotating speed of air flow, to control the gas flow rate. It can be applied to any power array or v-shaped, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engine. TecJet is an intelligent gas measurement actuators, the EGS Full Authority System calculation of gas mass flow controller is transformed into the actual flow of gas to the engine. TecJet from EGS controller receives gas flow demand signal and gas density, and TecJet transmits data, such as gas temperature, differential pressure across the valve and valve position, to the EGS. Controller can be easily through the PC programmable control, and can adapt to it from the waste gas to a wide range of propane gas quality. Even when the engine running obvious changes can also compensate by controlling the gas quality. EGS Full Authority System installed on the engine exhaust pipe is not dependent on the oxygen sensor feedback signal, a patent in the EGS control algorithm ( 欧元。 Patent no. 0727574). Can automatically compensate the change of gas composition. EGS is a fully functional control system. This means that all of the gas flow control by the controller based on the load, speed and gas data to calculate. Advantage of elastic system and improve the engine start, stability, transient performance and emissions. Control software, sensor and control module is always the same, only the actual actuator size is related to the engine output. Using speed/density in EGS principle. New shengan power equipment co. , LTD. , system working principle of the green ring gas generator adopts world advanced WOODWARD - gas generator EGS control system, the control valve of Tecjet and mixer, electronic governor gas inlet gas control system, the EGS is full computer intelligent, high precision of gas inlet control system, its information input system including the speed sensor, oxygen sensor, power sensor or two torque signal sensor, air intake pressure sensor and an air intake temperature sensor, the sensor in the process of the engine running speed, power, Or torque) And oxygen content in exhaust signal transmitted to EGS controller in a timely manner. EGS controller will comprehensively processes the information and computing wanted by the operation of the gas engine is preferred, passing the information to the Tecjet control valve, controlled by Tecjet control valve adjusting gas into the air, to achieve the purpose of better control of air-fuel ratio. By controlling the WOODWARD - ProAct actuators to control the flow of gas mixture, the engine speed control in the range of calibration. The application of the air-fuel ratio closed-loop control technology, make the gas burning gas generating set more reasonable, unit operation more stable, reliable, more accurate control. At present, other domestic enterprises producing gas generating sets are still unable to achieve air-fuel ratio of the closed loop control precision, which directly affect the operation economy of the generating set, performance, safety and emissions targets.
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