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New shengan power automatic control system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-20
New shengan power automatic control system is introduced: 1. Manual control panel ( The unit standard configuration) Provide gas generating set, diesel generating sets the basic start/stop function, and has the following basic configuration and function; Start/stop controllers, three-phase ac current meter, voltage meter and the choice of switch frequency table, water temperature table, hydraulic table, schedule, battery voltmeter, emergency stop button, alarm function: speeding, high water temperature. Low oil pressure, charging failure protection function: low oil pressure, high water temperature, speed and emergency stop protection and other preset. 2. No mains ( Loss of pressure) Since starting control panel, the control without standard manual control panel functions and configuration, and additional remote control interface, with functions of automatic, stop, manual selection, starting time delay relay: the image below for the new shengan power production of gas generator set, diesel generating sets images: images gas generator diesel generating sets
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