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New shengan power coal gas generator set is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
LAN charcoal industry is one of the important branches of coal chemical industry, with many areas of shaanxi peculiar non-stick non-primary such as coal and weakly caking coal coking coal as raw material, through carbonization process for coke, widely used in calcium carbide, ferrosilicon, fertilizer for gasification, such as pig iron smelting production areas. But because the LAN charcoal industry started early, backward equipment technology, scattered layout, single product, in the process of production of gas is mostly direct emptying, this not only caused the waste of resources, more serious polluted the environment. In line with the state advocates energy conservation and emissions reduction, the thought of development and utilization of new energy, our company development and production of carbon ( Carbocoal gas) After generating units, the use of the power, the use of the gas also completely ruled out to meet emissions and environmental standards, will not cause secondary pollution. Shengan organized a number of technical backbone power after more than a year of graduate output efficiency of coal gas generator set, the unit of high efficiency, low noise, high intelligent characteristics belong to the leading technology in China. Below is our company production of high-power 500 kw coal gas generator set pictures:
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