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New shengan power diesel generating set is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-20

new shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , the production of diesel generating sets are as follows:

a, diesel generating sets

190 series diesel engine is a kind of widely used, good performance of high speed high-power diesel engine, the machine in 1986 combined exposition, and in 1994 was awarded as national customer satisfaction products. The machine through continuous improvement, fruitful scientific achievements in the field of modern internal combustion engine, with the advanced technical and economic indicators, compact structure, start quickly, easy operation, convenient maintenance, can adapt to all kinds of bad environment under the condition of operation, etc.

190 series diesel generator set is powered by series 190 diesel engines equipped with high quality, high efficiency generator at home and abroad and the production of diesel generator set, power range of 400 ~ 1000 kw, and can be made of two or more than two sets of power plant.

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