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New shengan power gas power generation is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
New shengan dynamic production of the gas generator set equipment of coal mine gas is one of the occurrence in coal and coal associated gas, usually refers to the coal mine methane primarily the floorboard of the poisonous and harmful gas. Flood, fire, gas and coal dust explosion, gas outburst and roof caving are the main disasters in coal mine production process, and is five natural disaster of mine gas explosion. Between 5% ~ 16%, there are cases can cause gas explosion flame. 5% explosive power is strong, the speed of up to 2 m / 000 m/s ~ 3000 s, at the same time produce a huge amount of energy, low concentration gas power generation is using the characteristics of the methane. Low concentration gas generating set and the working principle of the high concentration of the gas generator set, are using gas explosion power generation, the difference is in order to guarantee the safety of the low concentration gas transmission, the losing water mist technology, line the road setting up automatic flame arrester and metal corrugated wet water with gas pipeline dedicated flame arrester. Low concentration gas utilization s 2007 discharge of coal mine methane scalar around 18 billion cubic meters of noil methane concentrations less than 1% of ventilation and gas accounts for roughly 65% of the total emissions of methane - 70% s extraction from the 4. 7 billion cubic meters of methane, 50% 60% concentration of less than 30% of the gas s actual use of 14. 500 million cubic meters of s 2008, 56 national accumulative extraction gas. 700 million cubic meters, the use of 17. The utilization rate of 200 million cubic meters, is 30. 3% domestic low concentration gas generator set profile: new shengan power requirements for gas, gas inlet pressure regulating valve 1 m from the unit, the gas temperature does not exceed 40 ℃; 3 ~ 10 kpa pressure, pressure change & le; 1 kpa /分钟; Volume of methane content in the gas is not lower than 9%, the rate of change & le; 2%; For the methane content is less than 30% of the volume of gas, methane and oxygen content of the sum volume & ge; 28%, oxygen volume & ge; 16%; Impurities particle size & le; 5μ M, impurity content & le; 30mg/Nm3。 CH4 concentration between 30% ~ 60% of high concentration of gas, the high concentration of the gas generator set power; CH4 concentration between 8% ~ 30% of low concentration gas, low concentration by inventing coal mine gas safety transportation and power generation technology, achieve the goal of the low concentration gas power generation. CH4 concentration between 4% ~ 8% of low concentration gas, the fuel ignition type gas generator to produce electricity. Smoke exhaust gas CH4 concentration below 4%, mixed with coal mines lack of wind, oxidation treatment, the first generation after cooling, heating, heat ladder is used.
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