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New shengan power producer gas generator is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-26
New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. Producer gas generator set below: producer gas generator

there are many kinds of gas production way, such as coke oven gas and producer gas, water gas, oil, gas, blast furnace gas, the cracking gas and so on many kinds. Main components such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide.

generator gas production method is to coal combustion in the furnace, the furnace bottom air limit, make coal can't complete combustion, thus produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, is the producer gas. This methods vent gas making furnace is mainly of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

water gas manufacturing method is after coal fire in the furnace, the furnace bottom blowing into plenty of air, make the fiery burning coal, fan, and stopped from the furnace bottom and furnace top in turn into water vapor, and hot after incoalation and produce large amounts of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and mixed with nitrogen and the rest of the water vapor in the air, the water gas was created.

the unit to the requirements of the generator gas

in the producer gas generator gas inlet valve within 1 m

1, the generator gas temperature & le; 40℃;

2, 3 ~ 20 kpa producer gas pressure, the pressure change rate & le; 1 kpa /分钟;

3、H2S≤ 200mg/Nm³ ;

4, NH3≤ 20mg/Nm³ ;

5, tar content & le; 50mg/Nm³ ;

6, granularity of impurities & le; 5 um, impurity content & le; 30mg/Nm³ ;

7, moisture content in the producer gas & le; 40mg/Nm³ ;

8, gas calorific value & ge; 4. 2MJ/Nm³

if higher sulfur and ammonia content in the combustible gas, will not only severe corrosion spark plug electrodes, and can make the oil of the acid value increase, the corrosion of the unit internal parts, easy to generate sediment at the same time, increase the engine wear and corrosion.

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