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New ShengAnLan coal gas generator set is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , coal gas generator set below:

orchid coal gas generator set

LAN charcoal is made up of a smoke-free lump coal by the sudden low temperature distillation of firing of, its process and gas producer is similar, just different heating temperature, different output products. So balaam carbon in the process of production produce a large amount of waste gas is the main component of carbon monoxide gas. The gas after washing, there are many USES for desulphurization, used for burning lime is a good choice at the same time, should be a gas burning lime fuel does not need to wash and desulfurization and the lime kiln combustion emissions from the flue gas main components in carbon dioxide non-toxic harmless. So blue carbon exhaust gas burning lime is very good fuel and gas burning lime quality is much better than the lime quality, cost and much lower than coal kiln. Cryogenic distillation blue carbon kiln every production will produce 600 - ton blue carbon Tail (around 700 m3 Coal) Gas, and its calorific value in 1900 calories, up and down between community in blast furnace gas and coke oven gas.

the current internal LAN charcoal stove process is the main composition of by-product gas N2 ( About 50%) , followed by H2, CO, CO2 and CH4. Because carbon gas composition, low calorific value more invalid ( 1800 - 2000 calories) , greatly limits the scope of its use, a large amount of charcoal only vent gas burning.

the current internal LAN charcoal stove by-product gas composition analysis data as shown in the table below:

component H2CH4COCMHNCO2N2O2H2S content is 21136 - 80. 8 - 1. 28 - 1246 - 520. 8 - 1. 20. 4 - 0.

8 units for the coal gas requirements

on the coal gas generator set of distance between gas inlet valve within 1 m

1, blue carbon temperature & le; 40℃;

2, 3 ~ 20 kpa coal gas pressure, the pressure change rate & le; 1 kpa /分钟;

3、H2S≤ 200mg/Nm³ ;

4, NH3≤ 20mg/Nm³ ;

5, tar content & le; 50mg/Nm³ ;

6, granularity of impurities & le; 5 um, impurity content & le; 30mg/Nm³ ;

7, moisture content in the coal gas & le; 40mg/Nm³ ;

8, gas calorific value & ge; 4. 2MJ/Nm³ ;

if higher sulfur and ammonia content in the combustible gas, will not only severe corrosion spark plug electrodes, and can make the oil of the acid value increase, the corrosion of the unit internal parts, easy to generate sediment at the same time, increase the engine wear and corrosion.

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