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Notice Of Diesel Gneset Used In Plateau

Notice Of Diesel Gneset Used In Plateau


1.Engine power decreases and fuel consumption increases. Due to the high altitude, the air density and pressure decrease.The engine's charge, cylinder compression pressure and temperature also decrease, causing the mixture become too thick and causing poor combustion and black smoke. This situation can be solved by adjusting the fuel injection pump to reduce the fuel supply until the exhaust does not smoke.

2.Adjust the fuel supply advance angle. When the altitude is generally between 2000 and 3000 meters, it can be advanced by 1°-2°. When it is 3000-4000 meters, it can be advanced by 2°-4°.

3.The battery is prone to fail. As the boiling point of water decreases, the water in the battery is easy to evaporate, lowering the liquid level and affecting the normal operation of the battery. Therefore, the height of the battery liquid level should be checked frequently and should add distilled water  in time.

4.The engine temperature is too high and wear is aggravated. As the boiling point of water is lower, the cooling water is easy to boil.It will cause the engine to overheat and reduce the performance of the lubricating oil, affecting the service life of the engine.Attention must be paid to the engine water temperature and the cooling water should be added at any time. Appropriate lubricants should be selected according to the original factory required, and the quality of lubricants be guaranteed.  

5.The temperature is low and it is difficult to start. When the temperature is lower than -10℃, it must be started with hot water. If it is started without heating, on the one hand, it is easy to damage the engine, and on the other hand, the electric energy of the battery will be quickly consumed. In the case of low temperature, when the parking time is too long, the water must be drained to prevent the engine and radiator from freezing and cracking.

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