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Oil associated gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
What is the oil associated gas, oil associated gas, itself may be regarded as a dull gas - It is invisible, colorless, tasteless, in its purest form. Quite boring. . . In addition to the oil associated gas as fuel, in the United States is rich, burn it emits a lot of energy and emissions. Unlike other fossil fuels, oil associated gas is a clean combustion and emissions into the air low levels of potentially harmful by-products. We need to keep energy and heat our homes, to cook our food and produce electricity. It is the demand for energy, petroleum associated gas has been elevated to the importance of these levels in our society, and in our life. Oil associated gas power generation, oil associated gas generation 1: oil associated gas used in power generation, its principle and coal, full use of it is burned to produce heat, the turbines; Turbine discharge or reuse of waste heat, make water into steam drive steam turbines and power generation, this is called after cycle power generation, efficiency is higher. In addition if we put the gas into general fuel oil or coal-fired boiler combustion, make water into steam, and powered by steam turbine driven generator and power generation, this is the general thermal power, its efficiency is low. Because oil associated gas thermal efficiency is high, the discharge of pollutants and compared with its he less fuel, hence with natural gas as fuel to generate electricity is recognized as a clean energy. At present, the natural gas power generation technology has quite mature. Adjacent to Japan and South Korea not only has natural gas plants into commercial operation, and a considerable scale. Oil associated gas generation 2: use of the internal combustion engine gas generator, the equipment for oil associated gas generators, oil associated gas generator set. Below for the new born shengan dynamic oil associated gas generators, oil associated gas generator set images:

oil associated gas generators, oil associated gas generator set picture

oil associated gas of oil associated gas asking: 1, the volume of CH4 content in the oil associated gas & ge; 70%; 2 80 ~ 200 kpa, petroleum associated gas pressure, pressure change rate & le; 1 kpa /分钟; 3、H2S≤ 20mg/Nm³ ; 4, water content in oil associated gas & le; 40mg/Nm³ ; 5, impurities particle size & le; 5 um, impurity content & le; 30mg/Nm³ ;

( Tip: oil associated gas generators, oil associated gas generating sets are also called gas generator, natural gas generator set)

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