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Oil inter-cooled gas generator is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
Oil gas generator units and mid-cooling introduced: 1) Oil gas generator and mid-cooling role: to reduce the oil temperature, ensure the normal order of the engine lubrication. 2) The use of oil gas generator and mid-cooling note: a. Keep the oil into the oil cooler and cooling water is clean, in order to prevent dirt attached to the surface of the radiator, blocking channels, even affect the heat dissipation effect; b。 Environment at low temperature, the engine should be put the net after downtime as internal water, so as to avoid freezing tubes (3) The role of cold: cool pressurized air ( , or a mixture of air and gas) , reduce the temperature, density increase and improve the engine volumetric efficiency. Below for the new shengan power production of gas generator set image: new shengan power production of gas generator set
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