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Open cycle cooling system overview of gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-24
Gas generator engine cooling system for forced cooling liquid, liquid cooling or pressure type, namely the engine cooling water pump with a dedicated to complete the cycle of diesel engine cooling fluid flow. According to the using conditions of engine, or closed cycle cooling. Open cycle cooling system can be used with open cycle cooling system with open cycle cooling system of engine in and out of the gate is open, when used by the user to turn on the water. Depending on the engine model and the layout of the oil cooler of open cycle cooling system model is also slightly different. The coolant flow as shown. Gas generator engine is working, for feed water temperature is not lower than 60 & quot; C, therefore, the open cycle cooling system of the water, should take appropriate measures to adjust the appropriate water temperature. Natural gas generating sets are not allowed to appear when engine working gas resistance and water, especially when, since the start of the pilot time to park more prone to water vapor lock phenomenon. Because of air resistance or water can make the engine overheating, even can appear the serious accidents, such as cylinder should watch out in a timely manner. Such as lack of resistance, the amount of water in cylinder head outlet pipe to reduce or completely not water, a dramatic increase in water thermometer readings, not emergency stop at this moment, should be appropriately reduced load, reduce the speed, quickly let go of cylinder head out of the water pipe in water thermometer sensors, release water in the air, until there is cooling water flow, water temperature back to normal. When deflated, should be careful, in case of heat injury.

12 V type engine cylinder with open cycle cooling fluid flow

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