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Overview of biomass gasification technology

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-02
A, the significance of biomass gasification technology of biomass gasification technology, mainly low biomass gasification technology as raw material, make the low biomass finish from a solid to the transformation of the combustible gas. Low biomass in crops straw is given priority to, you can also use the corn cobs, sawdust, straw, etc. By low biomass renewable, therefore, the resources of energy, called renewable energy. Biomass gasification technology USES the same as the city gas pipeline, the combustion stability, high thermal efficiency, apply thousands of cooking, heating, boiler, etc. The technology in the countryside, very broad application prospects. Implements a fire, the whole village gas requirements. Our country is an agricultural country, about 700 million tons annual production of crops straw, a small part of such great resources in addition to using 'animal husbandry, most of the rest will be in the form of direct burning the waste, waste resources, and pollute the environment. Therefore, reasonable and effective use of the resources, is a great reasonably. Every year in our country of produce crops straw about $3. 5 tons of standard coal, make full use of the resources will produce great social and economic benefits, mainly in can save resources, protect the environment, which changes the rural traditional way of cooking, driving the development of relevant industries. Second, the introduction of biomass gasification unit biomass gasification unit, is the container of endogenous substances in hypoxia state combustion reaction. To complete the energy conversion from solid to gas. Most of the energy conversion straw into gas, that is the gasification process. The reactor design usually have suction and suction, gas produced by the suction on the suction under ordinary high thousand. The big disadvantage of suction is not continuous feeding, producer gas is not stable. So we usually use the suction. Suction under reaction is stable, sustainable loading. Unit body has two parts: the first part is the gasifier ( Including feeder); The second part for gas purification plant. The device is composed of three parts; 1, gas cooling and the filter, 2, unit power a monohydrate ring vacuum pumps, gas water in the unit is mixed operation of the power. 3, tar separator and gas water separator is at the same time.
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