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Power station construction matters needing attention and gas generator room equipment requirements

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
1, gas generating set power station room with open or half open, commonly used ground spark does not occur, easy to clean up the ground level. 2, if the closed room, should according to 'code for fire protection design of buildings in the explosion-proof design requirements for design, it must be a single building, outside doors and Windows are open, set up large flow discharge device, gas gathering volume. 3, computer room and preparation should be separated, and may not be directly connected, the window should be double deck glass, and steel mesh protection. 4, must have a lightning protection device. 5, equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment. 6, computer can't open flames, must have a clear warning signs such as it is strictly prohibited to fireworks. 7, in the exhaust gas of generator exhaust system, mixed with combustible gas, to design and installation by the engine to the exhaust pipe, outdoor exhaust piping should be reliable connection. Gas generator room equipment requirements must explosion-proof electrical equipment within the room, maintenance, must cut off power supply. 1, in the gas pipeline into the room, set up the emergency valve, in preparation for the workshop in an emergency, can quickly cut off the gas source, the valve should be close to the preparation. 2, have the gas detection alarm system to detect leak problem. More content, gas generating set at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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