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Power supply way of natural gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
A, directly to the electrical equipment on the power supply of distribution of electrical equipment control panel by two way power supply. All the way after the grid power supply; One after the gas generator power supply. The power of the two way switch mutually establish electric chain. Power for people running all the way, another power switch cannot move all the way. This way of power supply can prevent run in parallel with the power of the two kinds of different nature than the same period and accidents. This way of power supply has the advantage of natural gas generator set under the premise of normal operation, electric equipment by natural gas generators. When natural gas generator set for maintenance and downtime. By artificial will power distribution panel power was back on the grid. This way of power supply advantage is that natural gas generating set power supply and power grid power separation, each other. All the way along the fault, the other immediately in operation. This way of power supply disadvantage is that the natural gas generator in operation, the starting current of electrical equipment for gas generators and the impact of the testing instrument, affect the service life of the gas generator. Second, gas generating set power supply and power grid power supply this way of power supply is sent to the grid power supply in parallel in gas generator set under the switch of control panel, open the gas generator set control screen synchronization switch table detection, in the same phase sequence is consistent, voltage, frequency and initial Angle, and a large value of the same instantaneous q will day tuan gas generator power supply switch is closed, gas generator and the grid tied for shipment, gas generators into electricity grid. This way of power supply has the advantage of natural gas generator output power are not affected by electrical equipment power on the limitation of size, are not affected by the impact of the startup current, high power electric equipment adjustable output power, gas generating set smooth operation, long service life. This way of power supply when natural gas generating sets are the shortcomings of power supply and power grid tied for the runtime overhead line power supply, if overhead line field overcurrent tripping and reclosing, gas generating set power supply and power grid power supply will produce cow serious than the same period is in short circuit, tied for the accident to cause serious than the same period.
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