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Power used to maintain the gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28
Natural gas generator set power used to maintain the: 1, after installation of new, should start seal check before starting. 2, before each boot, should do well the preparation before starting work. Remember must no-load starting engine. 3, for new or after overhaul of the engine, began to use must be approved by 60 h in operation. 4, after the engine starting, should no-load running 3 - first 5 min and then allowed to acceleration and load step by step, momentum of motive water temperature higher than 75 ℃, oil pressure, oil temperature is higher than 50 ℃ higher than 0. 25 mpa, is allowed to enter full load operation. 5, natural gas generator engine runtime engine running at all times to observe dynamic and all instrument indicated value. Such as emergency measures should be taken to meet the emergency, to prevent overheating for lack of water or oil pressure loss and make the engine killed. Article 6, of the new turbo engines or new in the supercharger, must be unloaded joint on the inlet pipe of the supercharger, 50 - filling 60 ml of oil, prevent the lack of oil burning of the turbocharger bearing when starting. 7, in adjusting the triangle belt tension and the other drives, the engine should be in the park. 8, is absolutely not allowed to use water cooling engine directly, in case of control temperature thermostat failure should be timely change new, shall not be dismantled without casually. 9, gas generating set prevent sharp reduction in engine load, speed caused by governor failure. 10 every seal, engine, user can't dismantle adjust themselves. If necessary to send to repair or adjust the charge department. 11, gas generating set should be regularly check the ever loose fastening bolts and nuts. 12, when filling the oil, different specifications of the lubricating oil cannot be mixed use. 13, gas generating set when the engine no parking or for a long time in maintenance, so as to prevent accidental starting engine, should to dismantle the engine and the battery wires. 14 and supplement the battery electrolyte, should be careful to avoid acid cuts. 15, gas generating set should strictly comply with the requirements of the specification, the routine maintenance and three-level maintenance. More content: https://www gas generator. xsapower。 com/
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