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Problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of the gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-24
The following problems should be paid attention to in the operation of gas generator gas generator in operation should always observe electrical instrument ( Ammeter, voltmeter, frequency and power meter, etc. ) As well as engine instrumentation ( Oil the oil pressure gauge, thermometer, tachometer, exhaust temperature and water thermometer) Instructions, its value is within the normal range. Addition, during the load, should keep balance of three phase. Pay attention to the engine cooling water and the oil consumption status, should be added when necessary. Watch for each part, such as overheating, vibration and sound anomalies, and timely find out the reasons, troubleshooting. Pay attention to the working condition of generator, if found to have excessive heat or sparks of abnormal phenomenon, should be timely inspection and maintenance downtime. Natural gas generator set surrounding environment should be kept clean, waterproof, such as oil or dust into the internal unit and generator. May not be washed with water generator. The unit in the instrument malfunction or other fault is not running. Unit should make a good record of running, in use process failure analysis and treatment records, maintenance unit should have a complete record and report. Gas generator outage biogas generator outage, should gradually removing the load, and then breaking the main switch. Make biogas generator set at the rated speed ( 150 /分钟) After running smin switch idle/rated, lower the speed of unit to the idle state. When biogas generator engine oil when the temperature dropped below 40 ℃, cut off valve solenoid valve power or gas supply, disconnect speed regulator power supply, make the engine stop. After downtime turn off dc power and cut off the gas source. Such as marsh gas generator fault occurs or in case of an emergency, quickly disconnect power switch electromagnetic valve, close the regulator power supply, will start the key to the stop position, close the air at the same time. Biogas generator power generation operation points for attention and daily maintenance of biogas power generation in front of the person using a generator, the operator should be read in detail product manuals and related drawings of the unit control panel. Biogas generator unit work must use the 24 v battery for power supply, regulated power supply is strictly prohibited to power supply unit.
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