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Reason and harm of gas generator set cylinder does not work

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
Natural gas generator set in operation after a year or two, or long time need not run short of cylinder occurs after restarting, if once found short cylinder run must immediately stop work of natural gas generator set, or is big to the harm of the generator. Natural gas generator set runs short of cylinder the cause and the damage is as follows: one, the analysis of the causes of natural gas generator set runs short of cylinder gas generator set in the actual operation process, often encounter the individual cylinder does not work, Lack of cylinder work) Failure, leading to individual cylinder didn't work were the main influencing factors: 1, the winter starts up, and don't work for a long time, after a cold start cylinder for individual generator starting for the first time the idle work don't wait for a moment after the temperature rise, all cylinder slowly returned to normal; 2, individual generators piston ring, cylinder or cylinder valve mechanical failure, such as untight seal to the cylinder compression pressure is less than requirement, don't work in the cylinder; 3, injector nozzle clogging, making the cylinder injection, so the cylinder does not work, 4, fuel injection pump plunger, delivery valve failure, cause the cylinder oil is not straight or no oil supply, the cylinder does not work; 5, and other comprehensive factors lead to a cylinder does not work. Second, the harm of gas generator set runs short of cylinder 1, once the natural gas generator set runs short of cylinder, can cause natural gas generator set is not stable, prone to problems such as big vibration, serious when can cause resonance, it will affect the service life of the machine other parts; 2, gas generator set runs short of cylinder easy to cause the unbalanced force of the body, as a result, the whole body and uneven deformation, the whole crew is a serious blow. Once in diesel generator set runs short of cylinder, must immediately stop working, and waiting for professionals to come to check out, not to judge, otherwise a great influence on unit. More content: gas generator gas generating set at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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