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Research and development of biogas generator set point

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
Gas mixture gas mixing system consists of mixer, air inlet pipe, etc. Hybrid ways for the intake pipe mixed its advantage is: the time is long, forming the mixture evenly; Simple structure; Abroad have perfect applies to this way of mixed mixer products, quality is good, the mixing ratio is stable. Mixer chosen is IMPECO mixer, IMPECO company is specializing in the production of gas engine air intake system and control system of high-tech companies. IMPECO mixer can be in strict accordance with the engine air-fuel ratio for gas mixture, and automatically adjust the gas mixing ratio according to different working conditions, to ensure implementation thin combustion. Ignition system ignition system controlled by the ignition module, ignition coil, high tension line, spark plugs, etc. JiChai biogas generator USES the ALTRONIC ignition system, ALTRONIC company is the world's big gas engine ignition system manufacturers, ALTRONIC ignition system with high ignition energy; Ignition timing accuracy; Ignition timing adjustment is convenient wait for a characteristic. Electronic governing system electronic speed control system is performed by the control of motor speed, speed controller, etc. JiChai biogas generator USES is the GAC electronic speed control system, through the experiment of the system instantaneous adjustable rate was 10%, the stable rate 0 5%, adjustable speed fluctuation rate is 0. 5% excellent speed regulating performance. 4, biogas generator use present situation in hainan ROM down thirty thousand head of pig farms, for example, luo down sewage treatment engineering a gf - 80 is used in the biogas power generation system Z type gas generator. Site condition adjustable pressure gas storage device gf - 80 Z biogas generator set the scene room water filter system in hainan ROM down thirty thousand head of pig farm built on October 30, 2004 biogas power generation projects. The 1 80 kw gas generator set, running in good condition is now operating more than 3000 hours. Early run my company to follow a long-running monitoring unit. The analysis of economic benefit: 1 cubic meters of biogas power generation 1. More than 5 degrees, such as full load operation of all electricity generated every day for 1920 degrees; According to 0 per kilowatt-hour. 55 yuan meter, or benefit 1056 yuan/day, annual benefit to 31. 680000 yuan, Calculated at 300 days) , solve the sewage treatment, and save the energy, environmental protection and economy. 5, the prospect of biogas power generation biogas power generation engineering itself is the use of clean energy, solve the problem of environment engineering, its operation not only solve some of the main environmental problems in biogas engineering, but also because of its produce large amounts of electricity and heat, and for the comprehensive utilization of biogas found a wide application prospect. At present the country gives policy support in this area, and methane as a new environmental protection energy gradually accepted by us. As the renewable energy law through and implementation ( January 2006) , state and local government will support the development of renewable energy, and the individual power can sell electricity grid ( See the 'renewable energy law' article 14 and article 29) Threatens to unleash a upsurge of biogas power generation.
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