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Series 190 natural gas engines

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Series 190 natural gas engines based on natural gas as fuel for spark plug ignition engine, on the basis of z12V190B diesel engine development of derivative products, so the two kinds of models of general process. Series 190 natural gas engines and diesel engine is the main difference is that series 190 natural gas engines and gas machine canceled the diesel engine fuel system, increase the mixing of air and gas system; The mechanical governor, the use of the electronic governor; Also to strengthen the safety explosion protection measures. Natural gas machine is similar to diesel engine's basic layout. Contactless magneto installed in the gear end machine installed in the flywheel end left and right sides of the intake pipe end. Natural gas pressure regulator installed on the machine left chassis. Electronic governor through leverage and mixer butterfly valve are connected, and according to the sensor in a flywheel ring gear transmission speed signal, control mixer butterfly valve open degree, to change the working condition of engine speed and accordingly. Series 190 natural gas engines to prevent entering the turbocharger turbine exhaust temperature is too high, diesel series 190 natural gas engines and gas machine adopts water jacket in order to ensure the supercharger and reliable work. Turbine shell coated with insulation materials, reducing the radiant heat, reduce the surface temperature. The measures for safety explosion protection is necessary. To strengthen safety and explosion-proof, the engine intake pipe end and left/right crankcase cover observation, respectively with explosion door, at the same time, also equipped with breathing apparatus, crankcase observation cover at any time put into the crankcase combustible toward outside. Series 190 natural gas engines is a flammable gas as fuel. Series 190 natural gas engines in tube jobs it is easy to leak, added some unsafe factors than diesel. Therefore, requires the user to except according to the instruction manual for instructions on line connection and decorate, explosion-proof measures according to the safety of the room inside and outside the series 190 natural gas engines and gas engine installation and make knowledge requires a thorough check on a regular basis, to ensure the safety of use.
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