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Several common way of combustion gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25

just as its name implies is to burn gas generator gas generator set, divided into internal combustion generating set and gas turbine generator set, they are based on the gas as a fuel. Generally includes: gas generator engine, generator, the controller of this a few parts, also can choose device voltage filtering device, gas-liquid separation device, such as engine and generator coaxial connection, and in the whole machine chassis, and then connect the mufflers and speed on the engine, by the gas source gas channel, going into the engine connected to the engine belt pull recoil starter and connect the output of the generator voltage regulator, the implantation of combustible gas in the gas source is natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas or methane gas.

diesel generator set ( Coal mine with 600 kw gas generator set) Figure

way of combustion gas generator has the following several kinds:

1, rich combustion gas generator, the so-called rich combustion is more fuel, oxygen is relatively less, but his power, but as a result of inadequate burning in the cylinder body, through a pipe line to outside. Advantage is a dynamic, low fuel temperature, deficiency is the number of carbon monoxide emissions, fuel consumption is high.

2, thin combustion gas generator, low gas content in mixed gas, the ratio of the gas fuel and air can reach more than 25 of the engine. The engine is insufficient to discharge residual oxygen too much, lost power, but the advantage is cylinder fuel combustion is full, and reduced nitrogen oxide emissions.

3, the way according to the stoichiometric combustion of gas generator: refers to the mixture theory can be complete combustion of the ratio of the amount actually contains the amount of gas and air, is a mixture of the said amount of fuel and air mixing proportion of a parameter. Equivalent ratio greater than 1, mixture contained in the said actual air quantity is less than the necessary theoretical air volume, the air quantity is insufficient, the combustion efficiency drops with the increase of fuel equivalence ratio, on the contrary, equivalent ratio is less than 1, mixture contained in the actual amount of air is more than the necessary theoretical air volume, the excess air quantity. Equivalent than is actually the reciprocal of excess air coefficient. This kind of high combustion nox emissions, temperature is high, the highest can reach 700 degrees Celsius.

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