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Shandong new shengan analysis of coal mine gas power generation technology promotion prospects

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
Coal mining gas total volume of 2007 to 176. 6. 1 billion cubic meters, of which the ground smoke CaiLiang is 4. 4 billion cubic meters, the wind capacity for 132. 6. 1 billion cubic meters; CMM has been used for 14. 500 million cubic meters, accounting for 32. 95%; Extraction of coalbed methane resource of untapped to 29. 5 billion cubic meters. With the wind of about 25% can be used in gas drainage gas ( The gas concentration gets 0. 5%) , is this part available potential resource of 3. 3 billion cubic meters. Based on the current plan, by 2010 and 2012, the total CBM extraction CaiLiang will reach 6 billion cubic meters and 7 billion cubic meters, if all use, can save 7. 38 million tce and 86 l ten thousand tce; If the concentration of 0 to use more than 5% of the wind exhaust gas, the potential availability of 3. 3 billion cubic meters and 3 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 4. 06 million tce and 3. 68 million tce. Under the standard condition, can generate electricity 3 1 cubic meters of pure gas. 5 kilowatt hour or so. The construction of a DN500 mm diameter and length of 200 meters of gas conveying system, for 6 units of 500 kw gas generator to generate electricity. Annual output 18. 14 million KWH, electricity fee income of about 6. 53 million yuan a year, investment payback period is less than 2 years. When the gas generator sets of waste heat utilization, needs to increase investment of about 440000 yuan, annual income about 1 oo ten thousand yuan. Coal gas generator set, therefore, electricity use is a kind of low investment, low risk, short payback period and comprehensive benefits obvious industry, wide prospect of market.
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