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Shengan biomass gas power generating set

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-05
Shengan biomass gas generating set power advantage: new shengan power production of biomass gas generating units to form a systematic control of whole, integrated unit parameter detection, speed control, air-fuel ratio control, explosion shock ignition control, gas pressure control, automatic interconnection and power control operation, the data communication is given priority to, such as performance, function, reliability, reached the domestic leading level, has a good ability of price competition. The diversity of biomass gas generator gas composition ( Natural gas, biogas, coal bed methane, coking gas, blast furnace gas, straw gas, etc. ) The requirement of electric control system is more complicated. In recent years, gas power generation business in China got rapid development, domestic gas generating set, also got rapid ascension in the intelligent monitoring of the unit had the very big enhancement, which adopted the computer management system. Fully modular, intelligent control mode of application, electronic control technology in a variety of gas on the applications. In our country, the development and utilization of biomass can be a huge potential, according to the statistics in our country rural biomass energy consumption accounted for 39% of the consumption of rural always accounts for the total energy consumption of 17. 4%. As the country's emphasis on energy use and to the strengthening of environmental protection consciousness, to the development and utilization of biomass energy, can save energy, and use of the waste. Vigorously develop renewable energy industry in China, not only can make up for the shortage of the traditional energy, reduce pollution and create new jobs. In recent years, the use of renewable energy in our country have made substantial progress.
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