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Shengan biomass gas power generator is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-26
New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , biomass gas generator set below:

biomass gas generator set 1 to the requirement of gas, gas compositions

biomass, many different kinds of concrete, plants in the main is we often see are wood, crops, Straw, rice straw, wheat straw, the bean stalk, cotton stalk, chaff, etc. ) , weeds, algae, etc. The plants are mainly in animal feces, dead animals, organic composition of organic compounds in waste water, waste, etc.

the biomass power generation mainly has three forms: gasification power generation, direct combustion power generation, cogeneration technology. China due to the vast and abundant biomass resources and power supplies are relatively nervous, biomass gasification power generation has good living conditions and development space, so in China to send people show (biomass gasification power generation technology BGPG) To large extent reflect the superiority of this technology

and efficiency.

the fuel gas resulting from the biomass gasification main ingredients are: CO ( 20%) H2 ( 9%) 甲烷( 12%) 二氧化碳( 12%) O2 ( 1%) N2 ( 52%) 。 Gas low calorific value of 5 & ndash; 6MJ/NM3。

vaporization rate: 2 nm3 per kilogram of dry mass raw material gas, energy conversion rate of more than 85%. About 1 kg of biomass power generation 1 KWH.

unit of straw gas requirements

from the biomass gas generator gas inlet valve within 1 m

1, the straw temperature & le; 40℃;

2, 3 ~ 20 kpa straw gas pressure, pressure change rate & le; 1 kpa /分钟;

3、H2S≤ 200mg/Nm³ ;

4, NH3≤ 20mg/Nm³ ;

5, tar content & le; 50mg/Nm³ ;

6, granularity of impurities & le; 5 um, impurity content & le; 30mg/Nm³ ;

7, moisture content in the straw gas & le; 40mg/Nm³ ;

8, gas calorific value & ge; 4. 2MJ/Nm³

if higher sulfur and ammonia content in the combustible gas, will not only severe corrosion spark plug electrodes, and can make the oil of the acid value increase, the corrosion of the unit internal parts, easy to generate sediment at the same time, increase the engine wear and corrosion.

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