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Significance of biomass power generation

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-03
Biomass power generation unit energy significance of biomass resources are very abundant in China, the crop straw resources more than 7. Six of the 200 million t. 0. 4 billion t can be used for energy. Countries by introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and commercialization of grafting, intensive, large-scale management experience, combined with China's national conditions, in the rural areas to promote implementation of straw power generation technology, in save non-renewable resources and relieve the strain on the power supply has special important meaning. Straw resource is in the new energy is a kind of green renewable energy development and utilization of the size of the straw to low-carbon fuels, and sulfur content and ash content are lower than the current extensive use of coal, is a kind of cleaner fuels, under effective drainage protection development of straw power generation, will greatly improve the environment quality, very good for the environment. Straw resource is in the new energy development and utilization of the size of a green renewable energy. According to the relevant departments of statistics, China in used as energy crops straw, which is used for livestock feed to 1. 4. 5 billion t, soil fertilizer 0. 9. 1 billion t, 0 industrial raw materials. 1. 4 billion t, as the peasants' traditional living fuel of straw to 2. 800 million t, respectively accounted for 24% of the total, 15%, 2. 3% and 40%. In addition to the above purpose, there are 18. About 1 7%. 1. 3 billion t residual straw without any purpose, become a real waste, most of them are farmers or farmers burned in the field, which not only seriously pollute the environment, affect the traffic, but also cause enormous waste biomass.
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