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Start the gas generator operation procedures

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
1, gas generator set before starting the preparation of 1. Unit 1 check each part of the installation, wiring should be correct, action part should be flexible, no card lag phenomenon. 1. 2 products in strict accordance with the instruction manual check gas, lubrication, cooling and starting, control system, such as the preparation condition. 1. 3 gas generator set control panel before starting all the state of the switch should be followed: serial number two voltage switch state 1 the main switch of any phase 3 current switch any phase 4 dc power switch opened 5 solenoid switch opened 6 rated switch idle idle / 7 governor power opened 2, gas generating set starting and load 2. Starting with load steps 1 2. 1. 1 prepare work as required, and then starting the unit. In idle speed, 700 r / min) Operate the warming-up, wait for the engine oil temperature, water temperature to rise to more than 45 ℃, began to accelerate. 2. 1. 2 make the generating set at the rated speed ( 150 /分钟) Run, by adjusting the voltage adjustment potentiometer on the control panel, make the no-load voltage of 400 v. Turn the voltage switch, check whether three-phase voltage balance. 2. 1. 3 closed the main switch, switch indicator light should be bright, break-brake lights out at the same time, supply power to the load unit. 2. 1. 4 gradually increasing load, adjust the speed and voltage at the same time, make the unit running under the rated frequency and rated voltage. 2. 2 the note 2 in the process of starting with load. 2. Unit 1 at a time starting time should not exceed 5 s, if a starting failure, can interval starting again after 155. If still failed three times, then check the reasons and troubleshooting will start later. 2. 2. Unit 2 it is forbidden to take load starting!
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