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Straw gas power generation main advantage

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
Main advantage of straw has been considered in the new energy development and utilization in scale of a kind of green renewable energy, promoting straw power generation units, is of great significance to: 1, crop JieGanLiang big, wide coverage, sufficient fuel source. 2, straw sulfur content is very low. Of the international energy agency, the relevant research shows that the average sulfur content of the straw is three over one thousand. 8, the average sulfur content coal is about one percent. And low temperature combustion produces less nitrogen oxide, so after dust removal without desulfurization of flue gas, flue gas can be directly through the chimney into the atmosphere. Denmark and other countries of the operation test shows that straw boiler after dust of flue gas purification measures do not add other can completely meet the requirements of environmental protection. So the straw power generation not only has good economic benefit, and good ecological benefit and social benefit. 3, all kinds of crop straw calorific value slightly difference ( All kinds of straw heating value shown in table 2) , but the mensuration, straw calorific value is about 15000 kj/Kg, equivalent to 50% of the standard coal. Of wheat straw, corn stover calorific value in crop straw for small, low calorific value has 14. 4 mj/kg, is 0. 492 kg of standard coal. The use of straw power generation, can reduce the coal consumption. 4, usually contains 3% ~ 5% of straw ash content, the ash boiler fly ash and ash/furnace bottom ash is collected in the form of, is rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, can be used as a efficient agricultural fertilizer. 5, as a fuel, coal mining has certain risk, especially the mine exploitation, management is difficult. Crop straw by contrast, the risk is small, easy to manage, and belongs to the waste recycle
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