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Straw generator use market

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
The straw biomass power generation technology development and application of generator sets, and has attracted the attention of governments and scientists around the world. 1, many countries have developed the United States of America the United Nations such as Japan's sunlight energy farm, India's green power plant, etc. The corresponding program, and they will straw biomass power generation strategy in the 21st century development of renewable energy technology key energy project. According to China's new energy and renewable energy development goal, by 2010, China's biomass power generation capacity of more than 3 million kilowatts. Therefore, the central and local governments have formulated a series of subsidy policy to support the development of biomass energy technology, accelerate the process of commercialization. With China's national economy and urban and rural people's living standards continue to improve, economic and social benefits, at the same time, the rapid development of the protection of the environment, the use of straw power generation technology prospect will be broader. China is rich straw resources in rural areas, the main types of crops are rice, wheat, corn, beans, potato crops, cotton and sugar cane. According to China's geography and climate conditions, in the southern ocean, the temperature is high, suitable for rice, sugar cane and oil crops production, large temperature difference between the northern season of corn, beans and potato crops, thus planting area than in other parts of the differences. In central and eastern China set up in China's wheat acreage, cotton production mainly in eastern and central regions, followed by the north and west. Is expected in 2000 and 2010, 3 year straw resource in China. 500 million dollars to the 3. 7 million t equal to 1. 700 million tons of standard coal availability. If these straw resources for power generation, the equivalent of 0. 9 million mw thermal power unit running an average of 45 billion KWH, 5000 h power generating capacity. According to the preferential policies of renewable energy power generation, plant straw power generation full acquisition of grid-connected power generation series report review and approval of the National Development and Reform Commission according to the current tariff policy by local government authorities tariff prices, usually in 0. 50 to 0. 60 yuan. Tariff and import value-added tax (VAT) of imported equipment, and the local conditions where the provinces and cities also developed other subsidies. Introduction of straw power generation in rural areas promote the use of these policy provides a powerful guarantee. It is predicted that promote rural straw biomass power generation technology broad market and a bright future. My company production of straw gas generator set, economy and reliability have reached domestic advanced level. The company has excellent performance, perfect after-sales service, won the domestic and international customer consistent high praise. Companies operating projects: gas generating set, diesel generating sets, straw gas generator set.
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