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Structure and adjustment of mixture gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-24
Gas mixture with diaphragm 2 a generator, engine parking during spring 4 make cone valve 7 clingy on conical seat 10, stop the gas flows into the mixer. Electronic governor through the lever mechanism and 8 connections, butterfly valve control engine operating conditions. When starting the engine, the piston downward inhale, through the vent on the seat body 11, between the diaphragm and spring seat cover 2 3 constitute the space into a negative pressure, with the help of the spring 4 elasticity and gas pressure, mixing valve 5 to spring seat cover 2 direction. At this time, the mixing between the valve and valve seat form the garden ring channel can make the air flow into the mixing chamber. Mixture body 5 connection at the same time with the integration of the composite cone valve is out of the cone valve seat 10 formation channels to make gas into the mixing chamber, two gas flows into the mixing chamber after the formation of the mixture, the butterfly valve and the inlet pipe into the cylinder. Spark plug ignition engine began to run after. With the increase of rotational speed and load, flow into the cylinder mixed gas is also increasing. When the butterfly valve closed or spark plugs to stop the fire engine stops running, using 4 elasticity, mixed cone valve 7 back to seat close to the position of the cone, truncation gas flows into the mixing chamber. Natural gas generator set in the mixer on the regulator is used to adjust the concentration of the mixture (6 Referring to gas concentration air-fuel ratio) , when the valve 6 counterclockwise rotation, increases, the flow of gas into the form of mixture concentration increased. On the other hand, the clockwise rotation, the mixture concentration is thinning. With different ingredients ( Calorific value) The natural gas, and its mixture has a better corresponding density, air fuel ratio is better, the composition of natural gas used in the factory and air-fuel ratio adjustment in 18. 5 - Within the scope of 20. 1 on the mixer shell ZG3/8 & quot; Screw holes, for with equalizer pipe connection.
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