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Summary of biogas generator engine air intake system

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-26
Biogas generator engine air intake system's function is: the fresh air and qualified gas, after filtration, purification, make its mixing together into one cylinder, gas engine working process in order to meet the required air and fuel. Gas supply system is mainly composed of air filter, mixer, pressure reducing valve and the gas pressure outside the engine installation, etc. As shown in figure 8 - 1. The direction of the relief valve should be paid attention to when using do not wrong. In the mixer outlet regulating valves, connected with the control device, to control the size of engine air inflow, adjust the engine working condition. Factory test, the outlet pressure of the pressure reducing valve has been adjusted, but because of difference of regional gas quality caused by the engine work abnormal, allows you to adjust the spring pressure reducing valve in use process. The function of gas pressure is: to keep the stability of gas inlet pressure, and have certain effect to purify the gas. Its structure as shown in figure 8 1. Gas source via high pressure of pipeline into the pot, and then through the relief valve into the low pressure tank, after stabilized gas from low pressure tank to the engine inside the mixer. The design of tank volume of scientific computing, its volume is enough to guarantee the gas pressure in the whole working process of the engine basic remain unchanged. Biogas generator set of inlet pressure can be adjusted by pressure reducing valve, the corresponding pressure can be used by the pressure gauge reading export redundant product in the process of light oil and condensate contamination, can be excluded by a drain valve 5. When necessary, but also through the drain valve discharge unqualified gas.
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