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Summary of biogas power generation systems

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
Form the main equipment of biogas power generation system with gas generator set, generator and heat recovery unit. Methane gas turbine units of the desulfurizer supplied by gas holder, and thus drive connected to biogas internal combustion engine generator to generate electricity. Biogas generator cooling water and exhaust fumes after heat through heat recovery device in recovery, as the heating heat source of biogas generator. From wastewater treatment plants of the sludge into a digestion tank and the second digestion tank, the biogas generated in digestion tank first by the desulfurizer into spherical gas holder, and then transfer into the biogas power generation device. As the content of methane in biogas generator fuel must be higher than 50%, unnecessary for carbon dioxide removal, because of a small amount of carbon dioxide is good for generating set, make it work smoothly, reduce exhaust of toxic levels. Come from power generation device of waste gas into the heat exchanger, the heat released, used to heat the anaerobic fermentation of the sludge, so as to improve the incidence rate of methane.
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