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Summary of series 190 natural gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28
Series 190 natural gas engines based on natural gas as fuel for spark plug ignition engine is developed on the basis of Z12V190B diesel engine on the development of derivative products, so the two kinds of models of general degree is high. The primary difference between natural gas generating set and diesel generator set with: gas generator set canceled the diesel engine fuel system, increase the mixing of air and gas system and ignition system; Canceled the mechanical governor, electronic governor is adopted; Also to strengthen the safety explosion protection measures. General layout of gas generators is similar with diesel engine. Contactless magneto is mounted on the gear side, left and right sides of the mixer to the flywheel end inlet pipe ends. Natural gas pressure regulator installed on the machine on the left side of the chassis. Electronic governor through the lever connected to mixture butterfly valve, and according to the sensor installed in the vicinity of a flywheel ring gear transmission speed signal, control the mixture butterfly valve opening, with the corresponding change of engine speed and operating mode. In order to prevent the entering of turbocharger turbine exhaust temperature is too high, diesel gas machine adopts water jacket pipe, to ensure the supercharger and reliable work. Turbine shell coated with insulation materials, reducing the radiant heat, reduce the surface temperature of the engine. The measures for safety explosion protection is necessary. To strengthen safety and explosion-proof, the engine intake pipe end and left/right crankcase cover observation, blast door, respectively, at the same time also equipped with breathing apparatus, crankcase observation cover ready to put into the crankcase combustible gas to outdoor. Natural gas generator set is a flammable gas as fuel. In pipeline connection easy to leak, an increase of some unsafe factors of diesel engine. Therefore, asks the user besides operation as stipulated in the specification requirements, connection and arrangement of piping system, explosion-proof measures according to the safety of the room inside and outside the installation and use of natural gas engine information requires a thorough check on a regular basis, to ensure the safety of use. New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , is a long-term committed to the development of new environmental protection power equipment, production, sales and after-sale is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprises.
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