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Sunrise industry of biogas power generation under the national policy support

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Energy is the foundation of the development of national economy and social activities, with the rapid development of China's economic and social, the energy situation and problem of the environment is more and more serious, China's energy production and consumption is also put forward higher requirements. In order to promote the whole society to save energy and protect the environment, promoting sustainable economic and social development in 1998, our country began to implement energy saving method. Renewable energy is one of the important energy, China to achieve the sustainable development of biogas power generation as the main use of renewable energy, and gradually get the attention of the country and promoting, the state shall encourage developing biogas in the rural areas, the promotion of biomass gasification power generation technology, improve the utilization efficiency of crop straw burning technology, solar energy utilization technology and energy-saving farmhouse, energy-saving stoves, wood, etc. , to encourage using non-cultivated land to grow crops for energy, vigorously develop energy such as firewood forests. According to the principle of scientific planning, orderly development, the promotion of small water wind power. At present, the biogas construction has been into the national rural infrastructure construction investment plan, the optimization of agricultural resource allocation, adjusting agricultural structure, the role of improving agricultural comprehensive productive ability and sustainable development has gradually been recognized. Countries increased in rural biogas support for the construction of rural infrastructure, such as specific performance on the key input to the following items: 1. Small rural public facilities construction subsidy funds of rural energy projects, including household biogas, small biogas project, the straw gas central heating in the project area, each built a 8 - engineering 10 cubic meters of gas pool, the national 400 yuan; Amount of more than 500 heads of pig built a small biogas project, to 100 households of gas supply state aid capital of 100000 yuan. 2. Rural energy infrastructure projects. Project construction three with a pool, the pool combined with a circle of hutch, supplier, change is as the basic project units, 1000 yuan per family. 3. Bond funds of rural biogas project, the content of a pool of three national 800 yuan per family. Be worth what carry is, these preferential policies are not all farmers can enjoy, but household biogas project county ( City, area) , town, village, where the biogas project for construction projects, will obtain the corresponding subsidy. Biogas technology that anaerobic digestion technology, mainly used for livestock and poultry dung and high concentration of industrial organic wastewater treatment. After decades of research and application in our country, the construction of more than 2000 large and medium-sized biogas projects throughout the country. With rural biogas digester 10. 6 million households, the amount is the first in the world. Whether the accumulation of anaerobic digestion technology, or aspects such as construction, operation and management experience, the overall level has entered the international advanced level. Biogas power generation equipment, Germany, Denmark, Austria, the United States the pure flame of biogas generator set is more advanced, gas consumption rate & le; 0. 5立方米/千瓦时( Methane gas calorific value & ge; 25MJ/m3) , the price is in 300-500 dollars/kWh. In China during the period of the ninth, 15 developed 20 ~ 600 kw pure burning biogas generator series products, gas consumption rate is 0. 6 ~ 0. 8立方米/千瓦时( Methane gas calorific value & ge; 21MJ/m3) , the price is in 200-300 dollars/kWh, the price has the advantage of large, suitable for China's economic development. In view of the biogas power generation broad prospects for development, our company with the development of times, according to market demand to develop different specifications of the biogas generator series products, production of 20 - power range 500 kw gas generator set its performance, fuel economy, reliability, advanced industry level. Green ring company with excellent product performance, perfect after-sales service, won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.
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