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Technical specifications of 190 natural gas engines

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
190 technical specifications of gas generators: 12 v190zdt - the name of the unit 2 type pressurization, air cold naturally aspirated four stroke, water-cooled, spark plug ignition cylinders arranged V, 60 & deg; Angle between the number of cylinders 12 cylinder diameter mm190 piston stroke mm210 piston displacement L71 always. The calibration speed r/min1000 low no-load steady speed r/min700 calibration power 12 hours power kw450 continuous output kw450 average speed m/s7 high explosion pressure piston kpa≤ Gas pressure kpa78-6370 Kj heat consumption rate, kw 138 natural gas engines. h≤ Oil consumption g / 11386 kw. h≤ 1. Exhaust temperature 63 ℃ & le; 650 ℃ water temperature & le; 90 ℃ cold trap water temperature & le; 45 ℃ within oil sump oil temperature & le; The main oil, engine oil pressure kpa392-90 Stable callback rate % 0-784 5 adjustable oil brand 15 w40cd cooling forced water cooling lubrication way pressure lubrication and splash lubrication is start way electric motor or air motor start to ( Since the flywheel side view) (counterclockwise cylinder ignition numbering sequence dimension Three high) 2670× 1588× 2366 quality 5300 net
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