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Ten steps for commissioning of generator sets

Ten steps for commissioning of generator sets


 Diesel generator set is a kind of power generating device with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment. It is mainly used for the power supply of various main power sources and emergency power sources, and can also be applied to the power supply of electric propulsion systems, and its importance is self-evident. Therefore, the commissioning of the generator set before work is also essential. Let me share with you a few items that must be tested.

1. add water

First turn off the drain valve, add clean drinking water or purified water to the position of the water tank mouth, and close the water tank cover.

2. add oil

There are two types of engine oil in summer and winter. Different engine oils are used in different seasons. For diesel engines, add No. 8 or No. 11 oil in winter and No. 14 oil in summer. In the process of adding oil, pay attention to the vernier scale until the oil is added to the position where the vernier scale is full. Cover the oil cap. Do not add too much. Excessive oil will cause oil drain and oil burning.

3. Distinguish between incoming and outgoing oil

To ensure that the machine's oil intake is clean, it is generally necessary to allow the diesel to settle for 72 hours. Do not insert the oil inlet position into the bottom of the oil cylinder, so as not to suck dirty oil and block the oil pipe.

4. pump diesel

First loosen the nut on the hand oil pump, hold the handle of the diesel generator set hand oil pump, and evenly pull and press until the oil enters the oil pump.

5.release air

Loosen the bleed screw of the high-pressure oil pump first, and then press the oil pump by hand. You can see oil and bubbles overflowing from the screw hole until you see all the oil flowing out, then tighten the screw.

6. Connect to the starting motor

Distinguish the positive and negative poles of the motor from the positive and negative poles of the battery. The two batteries should be connected in series to achieve a 24V effect. Connect the positive pole of the motor first. When connecting the positive pole, do not let the terminal touch other wiring sections. Then connect the negative pole of the motor, and be sure to connect it firmly to avoid sparking and burning the wiring section.

7. air switch

Before the machine is started or when the machine does not enter the power supply state, the switch should be in a separate state. There are four terminals at the bottom of the switch. These three are three-phase live wires. The Cummins generator set is connected to the power line, and the independent one next to it is zero. The power source that the neutral line and any one of the live lines contact is 220V lighting power. Do not use one that exceeds one third of the rated power of the generator.

8. Instrument part

① During use, the used power can be accurately read by the ammeter;

② The voltmeter can detect the output voltage of the motor;

③The frequency meter must reach 50Hz(60Hz), which is the basis for detecting the speed;

④The current and voltage conversion switch is used to detect the motor instrument data;

⑤ Oil pressure gauge, which detects the operating oil pressure of the diesel engine and should not be less than 0.2 atmospheric pressure at full speed;

⑥ Tachometer, the speed should be at 1500(1800) revolutions per minute;

⑦The water temperature meter should not exceed 95 degrees during use, and the oil temperature should generally not exceed 85 degrees

9. start

Turn on the ignition switch, press the button, release the development motor unit after turning on the car, run for 30 seconds, flip the high and low speed switches, the machine will slowly rise from idle to high speed, check the readings of all meters. Under all normal conditions, the air switch can be closed and the power transmission is successful.

10. shut off

First turn off the air switch, cut off the power supply, adjust the diesel engine from high speed to low speed, let the machine idle for 3-5 minutes, and then turn off the machine.

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