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The 135 series of secondary gas generator technical maintenance

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
135 series of secondary gas generator technical maintenance: serial number and maintenance project for the 1 check the spark plug removal of carbon deposit, adjust the spark plug gap. 2 check valve clearance and ignition advance Angle when it is necessary to adjust 3 check the sealing condition of inlet and exhaust valves, remove the cylinder head, observation with cone sealing, abrasion, grind if necessary repair 4 check the sealing condition of cylinder liner seal hydrosphere removed the body big window cover plate, from the lower cylinder liner check whether there is leakage phenomenon, otherwise should be down jacket, change the new rubber sealing hydrosphere 5 check the injection plug the drive gear cover, remove the front cover, check the fuel injection nozzle was clear, such as congestion, should clean up 6 check the cooling water radiator and oil cooler gas generator if there is leakage, oil leakage, should undertake the necessary repair seven main components fastening situation of crankshaft connecting rod bolts, nuts, cylinder head nuts for inspection, when it is necessary to remove the check and tighten to specified torque 8 again check the electrical equipment wire connection to prison, a loss should replace the 9 cleaning oil pipeline including the oil sump, oil pipelines, oil cooler, remove dirt and blowing a clean 10 cleaning water pipe cooling system available every litres of water to add 150 g of caustic soda solution filling of the engine cooling system are 8 ~ 12 h after start the engine, the water temperature to 75 & deg; C above, put off cleaning fluid, and then clean with clean water cooling system
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